At Grade 2 Impact, your personal privacy is important to us. This notice explains how we collect, store, manage, process, and protect your personal information. It lets you know the types of information we might hold, how and where we’ll use it once it’s been collected and how we will keep it safe. We’ll always aim to be very clear when we ask you to share any information with us and won’t do anything with it that is unexpected.

The data that you may choose to share with us is:


Email address

Phone number

The above information is only ever used to contact you back after you have made an enquiry on our website. The only compulsory piece of information that is required is your email address from our contact form. The data is stored using password protection.

This website does use cookies through the use of Google Analytics, to gather statistics on the website activity. No user data is stored on the website through the use of cookies. The only 3rd party allowed to see this data is Google for Google Analytics.

To opt out of the cookies, this can only be done through your browser settings.

1. Confirmation that the website does use cookies.

2. How / why the cookies are used. (analytics)

3. 3rd Parties allowed to see the data. (none other than google which we use for the analytics)

4. Confirmation that no user data is stored on the website through the use of cookies.

5. A method to opt out of the cookies