With almost 25 years in repair, protection and refurbishment of a wide range of building structures, Grade 2 can provide a wide range of blast cleaning services to industry through Grade 2 IMPACT.  Our collective materials expertise ensures a professional result from start to finish, whatever the project. We can advise on all aspects of parts, components and structures cleaning together with post clean protection and preservation. Based on the Wirral, Grade 2 IMPACT offer fast turnaround services to local business and industries including; Oil & Gas, Power, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Chemical, Component manufacturing & Construction. Our services include:

  • Shot & Grit Blasting
  • Glass Bead Blasting
  • Industrial Painting Specialist
  • Thermal Spraying & Protective Coatings
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Stone & Masonry Repair and Cleaning
  • Tank Lining & Chemical Containment
  • Anti-Slip Surfacing
  • Water & Weatherproofing

Formed in 1996, Grade 2 Structural Repairs have established themselves as a trusted specialist in the repair and protection of various structures specialising in structural concrete repair services.  One of the most important parts of the process when restoring the structures we work on, is the preparation – we have used various blasting and cleaning techniques over the years to best protect and prepare a multitude of substrates ready for the next stage in the process.  The next stage usually in the form of anything from simple paint coatings through to chemically resistant bund linings.  All of our experience is as valuable out on site as it is in our workshop.

As a division of Grade 2 Structural Repairs, IMPACT operates from our base in the North West.  The IMPACT division totally complements and supports our work in the private, commercial and industrial sectors.